Monday Morning


I love the weekend! Especially a holiday weekend! If your like most people you love the weekend too!

But Monday always seems to come again. That day that means you have to get up when the alarm goes off, get dressed and go somewhere to work.

The tiredness of staying up later then you should on Sunday night trying to squeeze more of the weekend in before going to sleep, has become all to real. 

Its at those times when we need to be more alert then normal…You know when you cant think straight and you cant remember if you are dreaming or if it really happened. 

The enemy of your soul doesn’t sleep. He is up and ready to try and mess you up for the rest of the day. When you are half asleep and the enemy is coming at you with full force; that is the time when it is very important to ask God to help you. Sometimes it feels like we can do it on our own…we can’t, but it feels like it…but when all you want to do is either go back to bed or growl at everything within a 40ft radius you know its up to God to give you strength to get through.

The amazing thing about God is that He is more powerful when you are at your weakest! Its not because He gains for power from your powerlessness. NO He is constant, He never changes. But we can get in the way of His power at work in our lives. When we try to stand up and “show off our guns” we block Him from moving in between us and the enemy.

So instead of trying to figure out how to fix everything and get moving in the morning. Ask Christ to help you out of bed, get you out the door, drive safely to work, put a smile on your face and shine His love to everyone you meet.


God Bless!

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