Share Jesus without Fear

William Fay starts his book Share Jesus without Fear with the story of his past. He describes who he was before he became a Christian and shares some of the stories that led him to believe in Christ. He explains a good bit about his past and lets the reader see some of the crimes and sins he committed. Then begins sharing some of the stories of people who attempted to share the Gospel with him. One of the most effective ministers of the Gospel into Fay’s life was Dr. Grant a Jewish man who had become a believer in Christ Jesus.[1] Dr. Grant spent time listening and discussing the Gospel with Fay. After sharing some of his testimony in this way Fay asks the question, “Did they fail?”[2] Fay spends the remainder of the book focusing on redefining what it means to fail and succeed in evangelism and giving instructions who to succeed in the Christian walk of evangelism.

Failure, Fay defines failing at evangelism as silence. It is not whether a person becomes a Christ follower or not it is simply not speaking. He writes, “there is not success, no failure, in God’s Kingdom when people choose obedience.”[3] Failure is simply not sharing, because God is able to use all things to His purpose except silence. Fay wants the reader to redefine what it means to evangelize. He wants the reader to understand that it is an act of obedience to share the Gospel; when the Christian is obedient to speak, the salvation is fully in the hands of the Holy Spirit.[4] This is what success is, obedience in speaking.

Concrete Response

I have been in many situations wherein I talk about God and church. I work with youth in a residential treatment facility. All the young people there have many issues. It is hard for many of them to see hope in the future, because of what they have done or things that have been done to them. I have had many opportunities to talk about God to these teens. About a week ago, I was sitting in a room with a teenage boy who turned on a song with a lot of swearing and I told him it was very inappropriate. We started talking about music and he asked me what type of music I listened to; after telling him “Christian music.” He simply laughed. I asked him if he went to church. He told me he did and we talked some about his church and the church I attend. Then the conversation ended. As I read, Share Jesus without Fear, I realized I was stuck and did not know where to go once the door was open talking about church. Now I know when the subject of church or God comes up I will be able to insert one of the “five Share Jesus Questions”[5] into the conversation to make it more personal than simply walking into a building a few times a month.


Fey makes the claim many times that a person on average needs to hear the Gospel 7.6 times before they believe the message.[6] This is a fine statistic; however, he writes the rest of the book ignoring this idea unless it benefits what he is saying. If this is a true statistic then there will be times when people do not accept Christ, but he gives tips on how to persuade everyone to accept. It appears he is contradicting himself; stating in the beginning of the book that success is not a conversion and using this 7.6 statistic then finishing the book with the “why” argument.[7] I believe it is important to share the Gospel as effectively as possible, but with this last tip of saying why he stresses the importance of making the “sale” of salvation. Is it more important to ask the questions, share the Scriptures, then allow the Holy Spirit to do the work or to keep pushing until they accept Christ?


Changes in My Life

While I was reading Share Jesus without Fear, I realized I have not been as obedient as I should be. There are many times in which I have missed my opportunity to share the Gospel with people. I often start conversations about going to church and talk about God with people, but I have struggled to make the conversations personal to the personal I am talking to. Fey spends a lot of time on the idea that we do not need to fear, because even if they do not accept Christ I did not fail. The fear of failure or doing it wrong has arisen while I talked to people about the Gospel.

After reading Fey’s book, I will work on putting into practice some of his techniques for sharing my faith. Using some of the questions to steer the conversation to personal spiritual matters will help me to connect the information about God to their lives. I will also remind myself that a rejection of the Gospel by someone is not a complete failure, but God will use what I have said and I did my part in obeying Jesus’ command to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15). I found the story about D. L. Moody to be eye opening. When a drunk man came to Moody and stated, “I am one of your converts.”[8] Moody knew that when a person is changed by a man’s ability they are not changed at all; it is only through the working of the Holy Spirit that inner change happens.

Changes in my Ministry

The ministry I am most involved with is Life Changing Studios. We make videos for sermon aids, adverting, and capturing events. In this ministry, I do not have a lot of interaction with people outside of the church. I was thinking how Share Jesus without Fear can affect this ministry. I believe the most influential aspect of the book on the video ministry I am a part of is Fey’s belief about obedience. He wrote our success in evangelism is to simply acting in obedience to speak. This is my goal while making videos. When I am faithful to make the videos to the best of my ability to display the Gospel to the viewer I am effectively evangelizing.



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